If you are having trouble negotiating your way around a South African visa application and need a South African immigration lawyers , then you are not alone. South African immigration laws are complex at best and to get a South African permanent residence is difficult and they are also subject to changes to the Immigration Act that governs them. This can mean added expense when applying, and getting things right from the off means saving money over the entire process or you can get world immigration tips and try to do it yourself.

The team of experts that make up the professional team from Black Pen, a leading company specialising in South African immigration, visas and other areas of the law, are drawn from the very best in the country and also from Germany, and have international experience that makes them the only people you need to talk to. Have a look at the Black Pen website right away if you need help with immigration issues, and whether you are an individual or looking for corporate help, they will sort things out for you.


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